You can totally transform in 90 days

Sprint for Multiple Teams at Scale

Metamorph have helped us to take an idea on a page and turn it into a world first concept which we are now testing in Brighton.

John Saxby| Co-Founder | Go Obstacle

Total Transformation

Sprint at scale is a 90+ day intensive engagement designed to deliver performance improvement and accelerate growth across multiple teams. It will create high performing and self-managing teams and a culture of continuous improvement, freeing up leadership to focus on strategy and growth.

Who is it for ?

  • Founders and CEOs of SMEs and large enterprises want to totally transform and grow their business.

  • Functional and Business Unit Leaders of large organisations who want to want to totally transform the teams that work for them.

The outputs and outcomes

Leveraging agile iterative delivery techniques Sprint at Scale focuses on two areas - Grow and Improve - to iterate delivery across your organisation and will deliver the following outcomes:

  • Your business will have a clearly articulated 3-year outcome statement underpinned by target metrics and success levers.

  • Your teams will have 12, 3 and 1 month delivery targets aligned to the 3-year outcomes and success leavers. 

  • Your teams will be trained in agile and delivering against their target outcomes.  

  • A culture of continuous improvement will have been developed and weaknesses identified by your teams will be resolved as they appear enabling your business to adapt and grow in the future.

  • Engagement and motivation will have increased in the teams delivering using agile techniques.

  • Business leaders will have increased head space to focus on the growth of the business as the teams will have taken ownership of target outcomes.  

How does it work

Sprint at scale is an extension of Sprint for Startups and Teams. We will apply the same approach to work, but scale it across multiple teams in your business. To find our more about this offer please book some time to speak to us.