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Max Grosse | Founder & CEO | Buffers Cleaning

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Being a CEO is tough. Who do you turn to when:

  • It's 10pm at night and you need perspective and support to manage a business-critical issue?

  • It's 1 hour before the deadline of a lucrative opportunity and you need support to review and get the work complete?

  • You don’t have time to write a proposal for an opportunity you know you can win?

  • You want someone to challenge the way you think and offer professional advice?

What is Delivery Coach ?

Delivery Coach enables business leaders to call on Metamorph Coaching support up to 4 days per month. The Coach will provide professional advice and perspective, deliver work when you are managing a critical issue or opportunity, and support you plan, prioritise and focus. Ultimately it will improve the way you work and increase the value of what you and your business is delivering. 

Who is it for?

  • Founders and CEOs of startups and SMEs

  • Business, Functional and Team Leaders of SMEs and large enterprises

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meta logo vector-01.jpg

What do you get?

A typical 1 day a month package for a CEO of an SME includes:

  • A monthly Growth Mapping session designed to diagnose and map business strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Supporting you to create the headspace to grow your business.

  • Fortnightly retrospective session designed to review and improve how you deliver work, as well as refine your Growth Map

  • A Coach who is on hand to provide review, feedback and to support you deliver work to standards expected by the leading global consultancies. This could include:

  • Managing a critical project with a challenging customer

  • Preparing a RFP or grant application

  • Guidance on how to configure and motivate your teams

  • Guidance on how to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Advice on how to manage a critical business issue

  • Reviewing, editing, creating priority pitch packs, presentations and emails

  • Coaching you for your next keynote / public presentation or client pitch

  • Providing coaching to an individual in your team

How does the service evolve?

Our aim is to reconfigure the way you and your business operates to improve performance and accelerate growth. 


In the short term we will focus on establishing your Growth Map, increase the speed in which you deliver valuable work, and provide you with perspective, insight and advice on business challenges and opportunities.  


In the longer term we will have gained trust and understanding of your business and be in a position to effectively deliver work for you. In essence, we will be an 'on tap' quality support service.  A few examples of how we have supported clients recently are:

  • We completed an RFP for +£500k work opportunity

  • We completed an application for a UK Innovate Grant

  • We reviewed and then updated an entire marketing campaign 

  • We stepped in to manage a project at risk of failure and coach the client’s project manager on how to effectively do this independently next time.