Growth Mapping

Create headspace to grow

your business.  

You guys managed to help us succinctly outline our vision and break it down into bite size and manageable tasks. You also highlighted some immediate areas that we can tap into. I feel like I can breathe!

Stephanie Edwards | CEO & Founder | Urban Symbiotics

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What is it ?

A two-hour structured consultation for business leaders designed to diagnose and map business strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.


Ultimately it is designed to give you the headspace to reconfigure and grow your business. The first session is free. 

Who is it for ?

Founders and CEOs
Business, Functional and Team Leaders

What do you get?

We will take you through a structured discussion with the aim of creating a 12-month Growth Map and online 90, 30 and 10-day plan for your priority target outcome. This will be something you can share with your teams to focus and structure delivery.


This will be something you can share with your teams to focus and structure delivery. It forms the basis of all our client work and details the following:


  • Your business 12-month target outcomes and what is required to achieve them

  • The rationale for change and the impact this will have on you and the people in your business


  • A prioritised set of operational levers to pull to achieve the target outcomes

  • 90 day target outcomes per operational lever

  • An online prioritised plan, which maps your target outcomes your first priority ‘lever’ for the next 90, 30 and 10 days 

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Why is it valuable?

Growth Mapping is structured and designed to get you to think holistically about what you want to achieve for your business.


It enables you to vocalise and inspect what is working and not working as well as what is worrying you. It will support you to see things from a fresh perspective and give you the headspace to plan, prioritise and focus. 

The outputs of the session, the Growth Map and Trello Plan, are yours to share with the teams and people in your business. They enable everyone to clearly understand the target outcomes for the business and what the success will mean for them. 

The Growth Map is the focal point of all our offerings and engagements. It draws on teaching and coaching techniques and agile principles which are core to success:

  • Set a clear and ambitious direction

  • Focus on outcomes

  • Prioritise based on value

  • Amplify what is working and vocalise what is not working

  • Make work visible