Indecision is holding you back.

Sprint | Personal Development

It’s fantastic. It has changed the way I work and it makes me believe that I can achieve both my personal and professional goals. I am now using this with my team.

Ann Whatmore | Business Development Manager | Createabilility

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Let's drop the tired metaphor of reaching a plateau.


What do you want to do? How do you plan to go after it? 


Indecision is what is holding you back.  

Sprint Personal Development is a 10-hour programme set over 10 weeks, that supports you to plan, prioritise and achieve personal and career goals. We work with you to apply Agile Principles to develop a set of 12-month target outcomes, a supporting 90, 30, and 10-day plan, and a new way of working to achieve your goals.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals who feel stuck, want to progress or make a career change, or want to go after a personal ambition.  

  • Team, Functional, and Business Leaders who want to support team members get to the next level in their careers 

  • HR and Talent Leaders who want to provide their people with a new type of learning experience and are interested in the benefits of Agile.  

  • HR and Talent Leaders with underperforming employees. 

How does it work?

  • We run a 2-hour Growth Mapping session with you, focused on career and personal development, in order to set your 12-month targets and 90, 30, 10-day plan.

  • We introduce you to Agile Principles and Ways of Working

  • We hold 8, 1-hour weekly Sprint PD sessions with you 1. During these sessions we complete the following: 

    • A 15-minute retrospective, to improve the way you work and progress activity against your plan

    • A 15-minute plan refinement, to re-prioritise and introduce further detail to your plan. 

    • A 30-minute Agile Principles and Ways of Working training session, specifically focused around your target outcomes.  

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