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Updated: May 20, 2020

Taking a business to scale tests your team, your product and your leadership. Half measures don’t work. Did they when you started out?

If you want to scale you need to be all in. You need to commit to a total transformation, much like FutureX did when we supported them in 2019 (p.s we have re-branded since then).

Gym membership or personal trainer.

Much like your regular New Year’s effort, a resolution to scale is easy to make, but just as easy to break as you get bogged down in the day to day. You can’t expect to scale your business by setting ambitious goals, then turning up to work each day and doing more of the same. You need to transform the way you operate.

If you’re serious about beating the competition at scale, you’ll need fresh perspective, commitment and time, and the support to find and focus all three.

Why start-ups and growth businesses don’t use coaches or consultancies.

In short, they are expensive, and it’s hard to understand the value they bring when you’re operating on razor thin margins and a skeleton staff.

A longer answer (or one we frequently hear) is that they don’t (or won’t) tailor their service to the needs of start-ups, haven’t worked in a start-up environment, are generally good at saying what to do but don’t get stuck in. They can also get distracted by their internal work, or up-selling you while they’re supposed to be delivering what you’re actually paying for.

Dark arts and snake oil? Maybe yes, maybe no, but it’s a high cost, high risk strategy to pay and find out. You’re left wondering what you’re going to get (apart from that cheeky invoice).

So what. Why us?

We work with FutureX regularly. We have worked with high growth businesses for years, and we (Oliver, Sebastian and I) are all entrepreneurs in our own right. We designed Sprint for Startups and Teams specifically for business leaders who want to scale. It’s an evolution of the product we delivered at FutureX and is focused on the transformation of your business. It is intense and requires commitment. Bruce and FutureX can vouch for it, so it might be something to consider.

Sprint for Start-ups and Teams.

A 10-day intensive engagement, designed for start-ups and growth businesses to improve the way you and your teams plan, collaborate and deliver work.

Two areas of focus, Grow and Improve, that run in parallel, are mutually beneficial, and are designed to ensure you maintain and improve day to day business delivery while we are there.

Grow is a new project you develop in collaboration with us. We work with you before the engagement to develop a plan-on-a-page that outlines your growth ambition, sets target outcomes, and identifies projects that will enable you to get there - we offer this for free - click here. We will work with you over 10 days to deliver a priority project and ensure you are in a position to plan and deliver the next one independently. Here’s an example to taken from a recent client:

Improve is focused on reviewing and enhancing your current delivery model. We shadow and coach you and your team during normal business operations, as well as inserting feedback loops into your delivery. For example, we will work with you to prepare for, deliver, and then improve your business development meetings. This focus rapidly creates better operational outcomes and creates a culture of continuous improvement, generating additional momentum for change.

I sense snake oil. What do I get and how do you deliver it?

We draw on agile, coaching, and teaching techniques, combined with over 30 years of public and private sector experience. We work with high growth businesses to FTSE100 companies and governments around the world to provide hyper intensive ‘on the job’ coaching to fast track change across organisations. We don’t stock snake oil, but that’s for you to judge.

On our website we have created a page that shows how it actually works. Take a look here.

The deal.

Sprint is intense and we will only start when you and your team are ready to commit. We do this because a) we want you to succeed and b) we want to maintain our reputation. We don’t want to be stuck at your office twiddling our thumbs, and we’re sure you don’t either.

The outcome.

By the end of Sprint you will have a plan to scale your business, your team will be trained and have delivered a project using agile, and they will be ready to deliver the next project. Here’s what a previous client said about us:

“There is now a hunger from everyone to develop and grow both themselves and the business, which has given me the headspace to strategise how to take the business to the next level.” Ejaz Rashid | Founder | GivingForce

On the fence?

Have a read of Bruce’s blog from last year, or click here to see what our clients say about us. Click here for it.

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