You can achieve a lot in 10 days. Sprint for Start-ups and Teams

Working with metamorph created an incredible buzz in the office. There is now a hunger from everyone to develop and grow both themselves and the business

Ejaz Rashid | CEO & Founder | Giving Force

Did half measures work when you started out?


Taking a business to scale tests your team, your product and your leadership. Sprint for Start-ups and Teams is a 10-day intensive engagement, designed to improve the way you, your team and your business plan, collaborate and deliver work. Click here to speak to us.

Who is it for?

  • CEOs of start-ups or SMEs who want to totally transform and grow their business

  • Business Teams within larger organisations

  • Functional or team leaders who want to totally transform the way their teams operate 

What do you get?

We aim to deliver the following outcomes:

  • You will have a 12-month Growth Map and a 3-month pipeline of sprint projects tailored to improve performance and accelerate growth

  • Your team will have planned and completed a 10-day sprint for your priority project and be able to deliver the next one when we leave

  • Your team will have practical experience delivering using agile techniques

  • Your team will have developed a continuous improvement culture enabling your business to adapt and grow in the future

  • Your team's engagement and motivation will have increased

  • You will understand areas of weakness in your business and have a list of activities to remediate these

  • You will have increased head space to focus on the growth of the business as the team will have taken ownership of target outcomes

We have detailed how this works below.

It's intense. We only start when you are ready.

Sprint_How it works_v2.png
Sprint_How it works_v2 (1).png