Developed for Business Leaders

Morphed to empower Students. 

"Sprint for Students has been an incredibly positive and productive experience. It has helped me to act upon an interest in neuroscience and find motivation in what I am currently studying. Ultimately, I have made confident strides to my goal of finding a career path I will be passionate about."

James | Student | University of Sheffield


What do you want your future to be?

Sprint for Students is a unique coaching programme developed for business leaders and now being applied to support Students achieve personal, academic and career ambitions.


The programme combines Agile, coaching and teaching techniques to provide students with a unique learning and development opportunity, that is relevant to the business world and will help them to navigate the ‘new normal’.

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Sprint for Students turned this:

“I didn’t know what I was doing at University and whether it was even worth it. I was stuck, unmotivated, and was unable to focus. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do and how my degree would help me get a job. I had decided that I was going to drop out…”

Into this:

“In 12 months time I will be enjoying and getting the most out of university. I will have identified a career path that motivates me and will be using university and my network to work towards it.” ​​

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Sprint for Students


A unique learning and development experience that will support you to define and achieve personal, academic and career ambitions as well as increasing your overall focus, motivation and productivity. 

Take control of your future. 

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Sprint for Students teaches students Agile Delivery

Agile is an approach used by some of the leading businesses in the world to develop their products and services, deliver value to their customers faster and respond to change quickly.

It emphasises iterative delivery, whereby the development of products or services are completed in a cyclical manner in short increments called Sprints.


The Sprint is focused on testing assumptions quickly and failing fast so that the team can learn, adapt and ultimately deliver something, that customers want, quickly. 


Adopting an Agile approach is valuable to students. It enables them to break long term personal and career ambitions into bite-sized chunks of activity, that are prioritised based on value. 


We then work with them to adapt the way they manage tasks, with priority placed on maintaining focus and being able to work through the activity at speed.  In doing so they become their own tutor and reduce the risk and cost of failure of university.  


How does an Agile approach reduce the cost of failure of university? 

Only a small percentage of University Students complete an internship or work experience before the end of University. Even fewer will have completed one that aligns with their degree or personal ambitions. 

Decisions about career choices are generally made at the end of year 2 and in Year 3 of University, which means many students do not test their assumptions about the world of work and their personal ambitions. 

Waiting until this point increases the risk and cost of failure of University. Additionally, as students perceive they have 'ages' before they need to make career decisions their focus and productivity at university increases.

Sprint for Students changes the way students plan, prioritise, focus and achieve their personal and career ambitions, with the guidance of Sprint coaches. Ultimately it gets them to start making plans and testing assumptions about their aspirations in the short term, so that they can understand what they really want to do. 


Why is Sprint for Students more valuable than a tutor?

Our coaches teach students a new way to plan, prioritise and test their own assumptions. This effectively shows students how to become their own tutor. In doing so they become motivated, productive and ambitious. 

Sprint for Students also supports them to understand what a network is, who their network is, and how to utilise it to achieve personal and career ambitions. We also aim to connect the student to our network and other students who have taken part in the programme, similar to a University Alumni model. 

Essentially Sprint for Students coaches students to build their own capability and self-sufficiency, which is a critical skill in the world of work now.

Take control of your future

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